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GMG EnviroSafe offers on-site training for businesses in a variety of saftey areas. By participating in these training sessions, your employees will become up-to-date on all the current safety proceedures and regulations. Training areas include:

OSHA Right-To-Know

Any business that handles hazardous chemicals is required by OSHA standard 1910.1200 to provide their employees annual training on the type of chemicals in the workplace, how to properly handle, the health and injury risks with the chemicals, and emergency response procedures in the event of bodily exposure, spill, and/or leak.

Our classroom based training program goes above and beyond this requirement without bringing your facility to a standstill.

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Safety & Pollution Prevention

Is your business required by a DRP or customer contract to provide your employees with Safety & Pollution Prevention Training?  Good news, our training is an approved course that will help you meet these requirements! We provide the training in the format that you are most comfortable in (in-person, web based, CD-ROM/DVD, and/or print).

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Personal Protective Equipment

Our classroom based training program will conduct a Job Hazard Assessment for your facility to determine the potential hazards in your workplace environment and the required protective equipment to minimize the risk of injury. Your employees will then be trained on what PPE is required for their job responsibilities and, more importantly, why the PPE is important to their long-term health.

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Our Forklift Training Certification will provide all of the necessary materials for your employees to be able to operate the lift equipment in your facility as required by OSHA Powered Industrial Truck Standard 1910.78.

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We provide training solutions to you and your employees that will prepare your facility in the event equipment needs to be locked and tagged out.

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GMG EnviroSafe recognizes the importance of presenting educational materials in the language that is most impactful and meaningful to the employees that are directly responsible for your processes and at the highest risk of injury.

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