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Most hazardous chemical and employee safety programs are built and implemented in English, however the need for quality information in Spanish is growing by the day for businesses. We have found it is not uncommon for technicians and employees in their particular industry of 10+ years that have a very limited understanding of the chemicals they are dealing with because of the lack of readily available information in Spanish.
GMG EnviroSafe is different. We recognize the importance of presenting educational materials in the language that is most impactful and meaningful to the employees that are directly responsible for your processes and at the highest risk of injury.
Not only are all of our forms, inspection logs, management bulletins, and hand-outs available in Spanish, we are the only compliance company to provide on-site classroom training in Spanish with a live instructor.
Your employees will be able to discuss scenarios, ask questions, and finally receive a thorough understanding of the hazards in the workplace and the precautionary measures they can take to reduce the risk of long-term health complications as well as protect your profitability.