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GMGEnviroSafe performs a vast array of services to ensure your business works as efficiently as possible. Each service highlights a different area of expertise which, when performed, leaves no business unsatisfied. Our services include:

The Compliance Departmentâ„¢

We understand that you need to run a highly complicated business with intense deadlines and customer pressures. Our mission is to learn your business, people, and processes to maximize our value with as little as interruption to your workflow as possible. We strive to engage all of your employees on compliance through education and personal support.

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SDS Management

Our Chemical Specialist Team will work directly with your vendors to build a customized database of your chemicals in your facility and post all required SDS in PDF format for each. Your employees will then be trained on how to access it through our website for quick references and easy navigation.

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Booth Filter Testing

We offer a wide-range of laboratory tests that can save you money and reduce your risk of penalty.

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Vapor Air Monitoring

Do you use respirators in your business? Have you conducted an analysis of the organic vapor concentrations in your general work areas that your employees are exposed to? You could be unknowingly exposing your employees to harmful chemicals and wasting money on respirators that don't provide adequate protection for your staff!

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Respirator Medical Evaluations

If any of your employees are required to wear a respirator to perform any of their job responsibilities, they are required to complete a medical evaluation to determine if they have medical clearance to wear one throughout the day. This is a requirement from the OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard  29 CFR 1910.134.   

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Safety Programs

Depending on the type of business and location in the United States, your business is required to have a series of 5-7 written programs that document the various policies, processes, training programs, and strategies for a wide range of topics (Hazard Communication, Spill Prevention, Illness Prevention, Injury Prevention, Respirator, etc.).     

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Permits, Licenses & Reports

Ever wasted a lot of time trying to figure out what form you need to complete to renew a permit? Then even more time trying to figure out how it needed to be filled out? Never again with The Compliance Department. Our Research Team collaborates with Customer Care to be able to complete all of your required permits, licenses, and reports on your business behalf. All you need to do is review and sign on the dotted line!

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Inspection Assistance

As your dedicated Compliant Department, we work directly with any visiting regulatory agency or inspector to help them gain access to any information they wish to see and provide the necessary documentation to ensure you don't experience any downtime or get stuck trying to answer questions that you aren't 100% confident in.

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6H-NESHAP Certification

Effective January 10th, 2011, the EPA enacted National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP Subpart HHHHHH) that covers all paint stripping and surface coating operations. Most businesses that fall into this category are unaware of the extensive requirements that are to be completed to be compliant with this regulation.

If you haven't yet completed this process to certify with the EPA or are opening  a new facility altogether, we can help!

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Evacuation Floor Plans

Let us customize an emergency floor plan for your facility complete with evacuation routes, emergency shut-offs, hazardous chemicals, fire response equipment, and much more.

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