Interview Recap: GMG EnviroSafe’s CEO, Brandon Thomas, company’s engagement with Innovative-e

In our latest exclusive interview with GMG’s CEO, Brandon Thomas, and our IT partners, President of Innovative-e, Mike Taylor, and VP Matt Froelich, they shared valuable insights on innovative approaches to solving technical problems using the Microsoft Power Platform. 

As GMG EnviroSafe continues to expand across multiple industries, we are constantly exploring new ways to meet the needs of our customers. In this article, we’ll look at an example of how GMG and Innovative-e solved technical issues and were able to address our customer pain points by automating key tasks and creating a more efficient approach to their business. 

Understanding the Customer’s Problem  

In the EHS industry, record-keeping is a manual and mandatory process that all organizations are required to complete by a specific time.  

While smaller organizations may find the process relatively easy, larger organizations can find it extremely challenging because they have hundreds of forms to complete for every facility and the workload can be overwhelming and tedious. In response to the demanding workload, they’ll hire temporary staff and even temporarily shut down to generate and send out these forms.   

During a recent meeting with various stakeholders, Brandon discovered that customers were finding it challenging to complete the required forms and inquired if there was a more effective and automated way to consolidate and expedite the process. This conversation prompted Brandon to think about the importance of actively listening to a customer’s pain point and finding a solution.  He saw this as an opportunity to help his customers, “I’m hearing the pain of my customer, and I said, what if I was able to automate this? And all you had to do was get me the data. I already know the forms, and I already know your facilities.”  

Realizing that he does similar tasks in his own business, he recognizes he could potentially develop a solution and build a workflow that could generate the forms on demand; the client would only be required to upload the data and the automated process would do the rest. This would effectively streamline the process.

The Solution 

Brandon presented his idea to Matt, who believed it had potential and value to customers. However, they had to consider that some parts of putting this together would pose challenges, and modifications would be made along the way. They also had to consider that it would take some time to build.   

The entire process took approximately 26 hours and they managed to successfully get the program running using the Microsoft Power Platforms. They found that by using Power Platform, Power Automate, and Power BI, they were able to automate the data efficiently. 


The feedback Brandon received from his customers was overwhelmingly positive and they knew this was a game changer. Not only were businesses going to be able to send the data directly, but it also would allow customers to focus on high-impact opportunities and other aspects of their business. At the same time, GMG was also able to establish and secure working relationships by providing not only the core services but also by being able to find solutions to their customer’s pain points by creating a tool for business automation. By doing this, GMG has proved that our value add doesn’t stop at just our daily required services for our clients. 

Future Possibilities

Staying ahead of changes and utilizing platforms to help automate business and increase efficiency remains crucial in this industry.  As GMG looks to the future and Microsoft technology continues to evolve, the company will continue to integrate automation tools both internally and externally.

GMG EnviroSafe remains committed to partnering with Innovative-e to find solutions that help customers work more efficiently. By leveraging technology, GMG continues to lead the industry in providing excellent service and customer satisfaction. Their ability to find solutions to tedious processes had added value to what they are doing as a compliance service business.  GMG will continue to integrate new technologies to meet the needs of its customers. 

To learn more about GMG EnviroSafe’s innovative approach to solving technical problems, watch the interview below:

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