The New EV Repair Resource Center: Ensuring Team Safety with EV Repair Training and Resources

The continual growth of electric vehicles has introduced new and increasing dangers to the already-risky world of auto repair. According to investment bank UBS, 20% of all new cars will be electric by 2025, and 50% by 2030.

Uplifting Practices: The Importance of Vehicle Lift Safety

According to a Consumer Product Safety Commission report, more than 15,000 workers were treated in hospitals for automotive lift, jack or jack stand injuries between 2007 and 2013.

First Aid In your Workplace: Four Key Areas For Awareness, Preparation and Training

Nothing is more important than protecting your employees from injury. That means knowing and adhering to OSHA standards, such as ensuring emergency care is less than four minutes away and having CPR-trained staff on hand. Read our latest article to learn the primary sources of injury, and how to make your team aware, prepared and trained in case of a serious accident.

Fire Safety in Auto Repair and Manufacturing—Three Often Overlooked Areas

In the fast pace of your business, testing and fire safety record-keeping can fall through the cracks. Fire is one of the leading causes of death in the workplace, and auto repair and manufacturing facilities are especially vulnerable.


Webcast: Electric Vehicle Safety

Keep your team members safe and your facility compliant with this must-see webinar for automotive repair and maintenance shops.

Five Simple Steps for Preventing Heat-Related Illness

Summer brings longer days and outdoor activities, but it also brings a higher risk that someone on your team may experience a heat related illness at work. And as summer rapidly approaches, now is the time for auto repair and manufacturing facilities to plan for this risk.

How an Ergonomic Assessment Can Improve Your Auto Repair Business

Your team is bending, twisting, lifting, squatting, reaching and holding objects in position all day, every day. But if they are not following the best techniques and practices, they’re at a higher risk for injury.

Ensuring Electrical Safety At Your Facility

Approximately 150 fatalities each year in the United States are caused by electricity exposure, and nearly 40% of those fatalities are the result of coming into contact with something unknowingly conducting it.

The Unexpected Dangers of Confined Spaces, and Confined Space Safety

Confined spaces can be extremely dangerous, which is why all facilities should make confined space safety a priority.

The Importance of Noise Monitoring and the OSHA Hearing Conservation Program

On-the-job hearing loss affects employees in a wide range of industries, including agriculture, mining, construction, manufacturing, transportation and the military.