Ergonomics Assessment

Reduce Sprains and Strains
With an Ergonomics Assessment

After suffering a sprain or strain, team members typically cannot return to work for more than two weeks, and a full recovery can take months. Sprains and strains are among the most frequent workplace injuries but are also among the most preventable. A comprehensive Ergonomics Assessment can help you identify ways to prevent them. These assessments can be done onsite or remotely.

Injury Prevention Made Easy

GMG EnviroSafe can identify areas and actions at your facility that cause injury and offer you easy-to-implement solutions to keep your team safe.

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Ergonomics Assessment

What is an Ergonomics Assessment?

An Ergonomics Assessment identifies potential areas or actions that can cause injury and also provides simple and cost-effective strategies to prevent them.

Why is an Ergonomics Assessment Important?

A safer workplace improves employee satisfaction, reduces turnover, and helps maximize productivity. With repetitive strain injuries quickly becoming the most common form of injury in the workplace, a proper Ergonomics Assessment keeps your employees both healthier and happier.

Why GMG EnviroSafe?

Our ergonomics experts offer both in-person and remote assessments to help protect your employees’ physical health. We identify ergonomics opportunities, provide recommendations, implement simple solutions, and create ergonomics policies specific to your facility’s needs.

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