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Their staff works closely with our employees and vendors and their communication has been fantastic.”

Gregg Boyd
Pacific Elite Collision Centers
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A Holistic Solution to Worker Health.

HealthAssure® compliance advisor and expert support on injury and illness prevention.

Let’s roll up our sleeves. Let’s create a road map. Let’s get to work to protect your staff and your business with a comprehensive injury and illness prevention plan.

Employees want to know that they are safe. We make it simple to act. Designed to protect your team from work-related safety and health hazards, HealthAssure® is your all-in-one solution to ensure complete well-being.

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On-Site HealthAssure® Assessment

We work alongside you to protect your employees. Our HealthAssure® experts will provide a thorough analysis of your operations to determine areas of risk, and how to prevent costly illnesses and injuries. All of our recommendations follow local, national and global best practices. We make sure nothing is missed, no matter how small, from eliminating workplace hazards to the proper response if workplace hazards persist.

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