Heat Hazard Analysis

Prevent Heat-related Illnesses
With a Heat Hazard Analysis

With summertime heat waves occurring more and more frequently, so are workplace heat-related illnesses. Whether your team works indoors or outdoors, a heat hazard analysis helps identify and prevent on-the-job heat stroke and other heat-related illnesses.

Ensure Your Team is Safe and Refreshed

GMG EnviroSafe is the perfect partner to implement a heat illness prevention plan, especially during times where heat waves result in rapidly changing requirements. Our heat hazard analyses provide cost-effective and easy solutions to keep your team safe from heat exposure.

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Heat Hazard Analysis

What is a Heat Hazard Analysis?

A heat hazard analysis involves monitoring indoor or outdoor heat exposure, plus considers other factors that increase an employee’s risk of developing a heat-related illness.

Why is a Heat Hazard Analysis Important?

Heat stroke is preventable and, without intervention, can be fatal. A heat hazard analysis will reveal the factors that can contribute to a heat-related illness at your facility and help keep your team safe.

Why GMG EnviroSafe?

At GMG EnviroSafe, we are experts on team health, safety and workplace compliance. We can protect your team with on-site heat exposure monitoring, written heat prevention plans, and training on how to prevent, recognize and respond to heat-related illnesses.

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