How a Remote Ergonomic Assessment Reduces Injuries and Improves Your Business’s Bottom Line

At many auto repair and manufacturing facilities, injuries from lifting and performing stressful or repetitive movements are commonplace, many of which lead to prolonged workplace absences. In fact, numerous studies have shown that back pain typically leads to a workplace absence of 14 to 24 days. An ergonomic assessment, however, can help team members avoid problems by identifying areas or actions that can cause injury. This assessment can also educate workers on how to avoid such injuries in the first place.

It is proven that a safe work environment leads to greater employee satisfaction and reduced turnover, and that employees who are in “good physical, mental, and emotional health are more likely to deliver optimal performance in the workplace” (per a report from the office of the U.S. Surgeon General). At GMG EnviroSafe, we offer both in-person and remote ergonomic assessments to help you be proactive in protecting your employee’s physical health. These assessments have helped team members avoid injuries and saved auto repair and manufacturing facilities from significant downtime and workplace compensation costs.

Common problems that can be corrected from an in-person or remote ergonomic assessment from GMG EnviroSafe include:

  • Poor worker posture and positioning
    Poor posture and bad positioning when performing repetitive motions, such as lifting and lowering by hinging at the hip, are major causes of muscle fatigue and discomfort. Once identified, these issues can be corrected.
  • Awkward workstation layout
    Work-related discomfort and injuries can often be associated with poor equipment placement and height. A revised floor layout and adjustable equipment can solve these problems.
  • Stiffness and soreness
    Routine stretches and exercises before shifts can significantly reduce injuries. Team members can be taught how to properly warm-up before starting the workday.

The Advantages of a Remote Ergonomic Assessment

A thorough ergonomic assessment can identify and correct many problems (Learn how a GMG EnviroSafe ergonomic assessment is performed.) At GMG EnviroSafe, we make this process simple by offering remote ergonomic assessments in addition to in-person assessments. The results of a remote ergonomic assessment can also be shared with the team to review opportunities to improve ergonomics and prevent future injuries.

The benefits of a remote ergonomic assessment include the following:

  • Cost Effectiveness
    A remote ergonomic assessment is a cost-effective alternative to an in-person assessment. For example, while GMG EnviroSafe in-person assessments are quite affordable, a remote ergonomic assessment can substantially reduce costs by eliminating travel needs.
  • Speed of Reporting
    The process of identifying problems can be accelerated. Our remote ergonomic assessments make it easier and simple for you to take action in a timely manner to prevent employee injuries.
  • Less Disruption
    At GMG EnviroSafe, we pride ourselves on providing incredible value while allowing your operations to flow smoothly. With a remote ergonomic assessment, we can identify issues and develop a report and recommendations with minimal disruptions to the workday.
  • Breadth of Coverage
    Remote ergonomic assessments enable a company to implement an ergonomic program for facilities nationwide, especially those where the type of work is the same.

Littfin Truss: A Snapshot

One of the many GMG EnviroSafe case studies can be traced back to Winsted, Minnesota, home of truss plant Littfin Truss. Employee safety and injury prevention has always been a priority for Littfin Truss, but a worker’s injury prompted Littfin Truss to go above and beyond by seeking an ergonomic assessment. Their local GMG EnviroSafe Compliance Coordinator visited the Littfin Truss manufacturing plant and shot videos of an employee performing the work task. The videos were reviewed by our ergonomic expert, who used them to perform a thorough, remote ergonomic assessment.

The assessment was completed using Rapid Entire Body Assessment (REBA) to evaluate ergonomic risks. Littfin Truss’s commitment to employee health and safety allowed GMG EnviroSafe to provide an easy and simple report outlining the ergonomic opportunities and recommendations to prevent future injuries. These findings included recommendations to implement an ergonomic training program, “ergo” breaks, and equipment layout changes to supplement the warm-ups implemented by Littfin Truss.

Virtual Assessments from GMG EnviroSafe

GMG EnviroSafe is a national leader in workplace safety, providing not only in-person and remote ergonomic assessments, but comprehensive compliance and safety solutions. Contact us for an ergonomic assessment and recommendation and keep your team safe from injury and dissatisfaction.