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The National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants covers all paint stripping and surface coating operations in the United States. Most businesses that fall into this category are unaware of the extensive requirements that are necessary for compliance with this regulation.

In May 2023, an amendment to the existing rule was released. Fortunately, at GMG EnviroSafe, we provide NESHAP 6H Training, so you can be aware of all your obligations, including those that have recently shifted.

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As your compliance partner, we’re committed to helping your business and employees stay safe. Our expert guidance and comprehensive services ensure you remain up to date on your NESHAP certification requirements. Get in touch with us to explore how we can protect your business.

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Whom Does NESHAP Affect?

Paint stripping and miscellaneous surface coating operations in industries including automotive, manufacturing and other facilities that use surface coating.

What Is the Purpose of This Regulation?

NESHAP was established to help limit the number of HAPs released into the air to minimize their impact in urban areas and communities.

Why Was the Rule Recently Updated?

The EPA modified unclear rules and updates for clarification purposes. The amendment included the following:

  • Develop an easier exemption process for companies that do not use coatings containing “target HAP” emissions
  • Reiterate that all companies must track emission standards all the time, even during startup, shutdown or when equipment is broken
  • Enforce electronic emissions reporting for all companies
  • Make small technical changes to the rule

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