Respirator Fit Testing

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With Respirator Fit Testing

When your workplace has a hazardous atmosphere, you need a solution that guarantees your team’s safety and that’s accessible. On-site Respirator Fit Testing ensures respirators fit properly and are compatible with other personal protective equipment before your team members are exposed to respiratory hazards.

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GMG EnviroSafe is the perfect partner for assuring team safety while making the process painless. Our Respirator Fit Testing is easy and comprehensive—we handle your medical evaluations and we come to you to conduct Respirator Fit Testing that meet your facility’s needs.

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Respirator Fit Testing

What Is Respirator Fit Testing?

Employees that wear improperly fitting respirators are at risk of breathing in harmful chemicals. A Respirator Fit Test ensures that the respirator is both comfortable and provides the user with the necessary protection.

Qualitative testing (QLFT) relies on the employee’s sense of taste and smell to determine adequate respirator fit. QLFT is appropriate to ensure safety in low-risk environments, such as a well-ventilated paint booth.

Quantitative fit testing (QNFT) measures the amount of leakage into the respirator to ensure employee safety in high-risk environments such as confined spaces. When concentrations of contaminants are ten times over OSHA’s limits, this type of testing may be required.

Am I Required to Provide Respirator Fit Testing?

Not only does a fit test protect your team, but it is also an OSHA requirement (29 CFR 1910.134). Before they ever wear the respirator and annually thereafter, team members must pass Respirator Fit Testing with a respirator appropriately selected to protect against respiratory hazards at your facility. And prior to the respirator fit test, a medical evaluation must be completed.

Why GMG EnviroSafe?

There is no “one size fits all” respirator. Team members must be individually tested for a proper fit. At GMG EnviroSafe, we have years of experience with on-site Respirator Fit Testing that makes the process quick and easy for your team. Whether it’s a spray operation or confined space, we help you ensure every member of your team is protected.

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